A Trusted Dog Kennel Bringing You Lifelong Furry Friends

S'n'S Kennels was established in 1982 out of love and respect for the stately, noble, and courageous German Shepherd breed. We have consistently bred top U.S. and Canadian bloodlines and take pride in the lineage. Our Shepherds are bred for temperament, conformation, and stability. These Shepherds typically make excellent pets, distinguished family companions and/or protectors.

We recommend them highly to discerning and discriminating large dog owners who appreciate the amazing mind and the beautiful body of the German Shepherd. We concentrate on quality, not quantity, thus limiting our operation to a few litters per year.

We offer you over 40 years of dedicated experience in raising German Shepherd dogs, and we pride ourselves as a small kennel offering quality pet puppies at a reasonable price!

Two of our puppies undergoing early training from their new owner a few days after arriving at their new home.

As a tribute to the intelligence, temperament, and trainability of our bloodlines, we proudly present Tenneyson who is helping a kitten to go up a flight of stairs. His amazing behavior has been admired worldwide! We truly commend his owner for having done such a fantastic job with one of our puppies.

Kudos also go out to the owner of Harper Grace, another one of our progeny. Harper seems very adept at understanding English and loves to obey commands. She is also quite proficient as a "nursemaid" who helps to care for orphaned kittens at her local animal shelter. Keep up the good work, and keep doing S'n'S proud!